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Main Products

bulk and retail packs

IQF King Scallops
(Pecten Maximus)

Whole In Shell / Half Shell / Half Cut / Meats / Roe-On / Roe-Off

IQF Queen Scallops
(Chlamys Opercularis)

Whole In Shell / Half Cut / Meats / Roe-On / Roe-Off / Skirt-On

IQF Whelk
(Buccinum Undatum)

Whole In Shell (Raw or Cooked) / Meats

Whole Scampi
(Nephrops Norvegicus)

finger laid in a plastic tray

(Sepia Officinalis)

Whole Round Block Frozen / IQF Whole Cleaned

Whole Round Sprats
(Sprattus Sprattus)

Whole Round Sardines
(Sardina Pilchardus)

IQF Brown Crab
(Cancer Pagarus)

Single Pincer Cocktail Claws
Claws / Whole Vac Packed

Velvet Crabs
(Necora Puber)

Whole (Raw or Cooked) Pkd 12 x 1kg plastic tray


Freshwater HLSO
(Macrobrachium Rosenbergii)

Block Frozen / IQF - all sizes

Cooked & Peeled Black Pink
(Metapenaeus Monocerus)
block frozen all sizes

Cooked & Peeled Sea Caught
(Penaeus Sp)
block frozen all sizes

Peeled & Cooked Harina
(Metapenaeus Monocerus)
block frozen all sizes

Vannamei Whites
(Penaeus Vannamei)

P+D / HLSO / Head-On Block Frozen / IQF all sizes

Black Tiger
(Penaeus Monodon)

P+D / HLSO / Head-On Block Frozen /IQF all sizes

Wild Whites
(Penaeus Indicus)

HLSO Block Frozen

Wild Whites
(Penaeus Notialis)

Head-On Semi IQF

Sticky PUD
(Penaeus Notialis)

Block Frozen

Cold Water Prawns


Lobster Tails (Panulirus sp)

Lobsters In Brine (Homarus sp)

Squid Tubes (Todarodes / Illex) IQF

Scallops (Placopecten Magellanicus) Roeless

Scallops (Argopecten Purpuratus) Roeless

Silver Pomfret (Pampus Argenteus)

Red Snapper (Lutjanus Campechanus)

Battered Cod Fillets (Gadus Morhua)

Breaded Cod Fillets (Gadus Morhua)

Battered Plaice Fillets (Pleuronectes Platessa)

Mussels in Half Shell (Perna Canalicula)

Frogs Legs (Rana Macrodon)


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